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The school run mum’s first dash

Back in July sitting for the first time in the primary school hall, it hit me what a culture shock starting school was going to be, for me – the mum. I forgot about my twins for a moment and sat in silent dread of late registers, name tags and packed lunches. I had a flashback of scampering to school behind my mum and our daily breathless speed walk to the school gates. Our school run really took the running bit too literally. Was the school experience going to be the same with me as the mum? Quite possibly. And so with a heavy heart I realised at that first meeting I was going to have to get organised.

In this blog I’ll be talking not just about how the twinlings progress during their first year but also  how I adjust to my first encounter with the schooling system since the late 80s.

This blog is about our experience of schooling and all it entails as a family, early mornings and the dreaded school run included. I hope you enjoy sharing our first year at school, please share your thoughts on my musings if you’d like to.


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