Into the swing of things

It’s been a while but some things never change. Despite getting up earlier and calling in the scooters to give us a quicker journey to school, making it out of the door is still hampered by last minute dashes to the loo, outfit changes, lost gloves and keys.

As the experience of the twin’s Reception year accumulated under our belts school became less of a novelty for me to blog about. Then along came Year 1. We were moved from our quiet enclosure at the side of the school to the big playground alive with children who look like they’ve outgrown primary school. The kids seemed fine with the change but the parents took a bit longer to adjust. Eventually we were emailed and asked to stop holding their hands while they stood in line and instead wait with the other parents at the gates. ‘But how will my poor baby cope?’ we weeped and wailed. Just fine it turned out.

Shortly after I received the email, Pickle forgot to take his packed lunch from me after the bell. I franctically called him but he didn’t hear. I had no choice. There I was a lone mother, dashing onto no-mans land certain that somewhere from her bunker the head had her sniper trained on me.

Another adjustment this year has been the increase in lost things. In two days so far this week Ladybird has come out of school holding only her reading book, insisting someone had taken her school bag from her feet, when it was actually still in the cloakroom. When we got home I discovered the bag only contained one school shoe and yesterday she left her cardigan behind. Pickle meanwhile forgets to bring home his water bottle most days and yesterday as well as his snow boots he left his lunchbox behind. It’s all too much for a mother who already has to spend an hour a day looking for her door keys.


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