Fun things to do for World Book Day

World Book Day on 1st March is a great excuse for some bookish behaviour.

Chatting to a mum on her way to make a story sack I got just the inspiration I was after. I did switch off when she mentioned sewing I must admit. Sewing on buttons is my limit. But I really liked the idea of using a story as a springboard for other activities.

We started off making a map of Oz. Ladybird declared herself ‘Wizard of Oz mad’ after we read the story in her Usbourne Classics for Girls and she watched the film for the first time at Christmas. She drew a yellow brick road, stretching from Dorothy’s house to the Emerald City and Pickle cut up and glued on straws for the cornfield and made a tin man. Then Ladybird finished off by sticking on some pictures of trees and drawing some poppies.

I made a poppy out of tissue paper I was pretty pleased with. But no-one tells children they should praise their parents’ achievements to boost their self-esteem. OK, the black pom-pom in the middle was Ladybird’s idea. But I did a good job of scrunching up the tissue paper. I thought it was good, even if they were underwhelmed.

So a quick and easy activity and Pickle enjoyed it so much he wants to make an Island of Sodor next.

Our Map of Oz

If you prefer someone to do the creating for you, I discovered from the same mum that the library has a collection of story sacks. I borrowed Peace at Last today, a story we were given last World Book Day. The title containing words I sigh most evenings before parking my bum on the sofa. The sack is packed with cute bears, an owl, a cuckoo whistle, a board game and ideas for word games for parents. All available for free to take home for three weeks. What a great resource. Yet I’m only the third person to take the Peace at Last sack out in two years. It has to be down to a lack of awareness.

I wish I’d recorded them opening the sack, because as soon as Ladybird saw the bears she grabbed her girls’ world head and acted out Goldilocks and the Three Bears with them. Apparently the porridge was too oily – I’m not sure if this was imaginative play or directed at me, because this morning she didn’t finish the stodge I tried to pass off as porridge.

Goldilocks & The Three Bears - Produced by Ladybird

I also read a book about the concept of ‘peace’ to Ladybird, ironic that she should ask me to read it to her when Pickle was at the height of a paddy, he at least provided some contrast. There are loads more to do and I think it will take three weeks to get through it all. OK, I’ll stop enthusing now, as you can probably tell I was pleased with the discovery.

We had a little survey at home and these are our favourite fictional characters:

1. Thomas the Tank Engine (Pickle)

2. Where’s Wally (Wenda, Woof & Wizard Whitebeard) (Pickle)

3. Angelina Ballerina (Ladybird)

4. The Bad Tempered Ladybird (Ladybird, of course)

5. Lola (as in Charlie and)

6. Alfie by Shirley Hughes (All)

7. Slinky Malinki (Mummy)

And don’t forget World Book Day is for parents too – so get yourself off to bed early for a good read (you’re a parent, why else would you be having an early night?)


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