Our first term done and dusted

It was relief all round when we reached the end of our first term. The last week or so was hard work, with Ladybird’s energy levels deserting her, leaving her in tears at the classroom door most mornings. So it’s been great to see the tiredness thaw and more buoyant and energetic children re-emerge over the holidays.

The end of term and the Christmas celebrations brought a selection of highs and lows. On the downside, we had a spate of illnesses and then our evenings were marred with getting the twinlings to write out their Christmas cards. On the first night Pickle sat diligently writing his, but after a while told me:

‘That feels like I’ve finished. Have I done 15?’

He’d written two. We worked at a pace of two a night, Ladybird normally destroying at least one for every card that made it into an envelope. Ladybird has made quite a few friends in the older years, and she got quite a few cards from these girls – but I hoped they’d understand that my patience didn’t extend beyond getting cards out to their class.

On the plus side I loved their first nativity play. The twinlings were innkeepers dressed in well, peasant costumes really. On stage they shielded their eyes from the dazzling lighting, as they peered out trying to spot us in the audience. It was a big step forward from their sing-song at pre-school last year, where they stood at the front, Pickle hands in pockets, yawning and looking at the ceiling. He remained tight-lipped this year but he was actually doing the actions, with just a few seconds time delay. Progress, though, definitely progress.

Thank you to everyone who’s been following our first term and for all the positive feedback on the blog. I started this blog with the aim of keeping family and friends up to date with our progress at school, I’ve seen my viewing figures grow and grow and have picked up some readers who don’t know us too, which is lovely. So happy new year to all of you and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog in 2012.


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  1. Hello, just stopping by from BritMums, lovely to meet you. I think our twins must be the same age, mine started school in Reception in Sept just gone. You did well getting them to write their own cards. Mine were not interested and thus I wrote them – it was not worth the hassle to keep persevering. Mich x

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