A hectic half term

Making two bats, two pumpkin masks, three spiders; planting two garlic bulbs; going to two birthday parties; a day in London; following several pumpkin trails; meeting Captain Barnacles and a traipse through the forest – all kept the twinlings, me and DH busy this half term.

Half-term creations

The twinlings' half-term creations

I limped my way to the finishing line of their first half term, suffering with my second cold since they’d started school. Still, despite the cold I was determined we’d make the most of our time together.

But why aren’t the half term breaks staggered? It’s got to be better for parents’ blood pressure levels. Going out was more ‘endurement’ than enjoyment – especially in the attractions’ cafes. We picked a London museum for our day trip that wasn’t, in theory, going to be as busy as the ones on Museum Rd. The Horniman Museum, name aside, turned out be a great choice, it’s got loads of hands on things for the children, but the chaos of lunch reduced us all to bickering and burning up grandparents in a scramble for a table.

We didn’t learn our lesson either, the next day at Bedgebury Pinetum we arrived hungry at lunchtime to find a queue out the cafe door. Just short of an hour and DH’s  ‘why’s it so busy, it’s only a big wood’ comment later, we sat in the drizzle, coercing the previously starving but now mysteriously not hungry twinlings into eating their sandwiches.

It was one of those days out where I’m sure DH was wishing he’d gone to work. No sooner had we got the twinlings up the hill to the play area than Ladybird hopped from foot to foot and announced in her usual delicate manner, ‘I need a poo’.  Halfway down the hill back to the toilet, my phone rings, it’s DH, ‘Pickle needs one too.’ Pickle then changes his mind at the toilet and then, once back up at the play area, reverses the decision again.

We did finally manage to escape the crowds and the din of the playground’s xylophone taking a battering  – only to realise we were getting further away from the car park and further into the twinling’s tired zone. The day out reached its peak when Ladybird got off her bike in disgust, shouted ‘I don’t like this path’ and let her bike roll down the hill into a ditch.

Oh well, it’s over now – and guess what? Yep, we were late for our first morning back. Ladybird arrived ‘sweaty’, peeled off her layers and stood in the doorway slurping from her water beaker like she’d just completed a 10k run. Looks like we need to shave some time off our personal best tomorrow.


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