Getting Down to Business

So, a busy week ahead. The twinlings start full days today, the morning sessions so far have been a gentle pre-amble, full days are the real deal. I’m bracing myself for tiredness and attitude. Ladybird told me in a broken voice:

‘But I’m going to be really tired, they won’t let me sleep, they keep making me do things’.

What could I say, other than tell her she’s doing really well and will get used to it, muttering ‘I hope’ under my breath.

And so, while the twinlings are falling asleep in their lunch boxes does this herald some time for mummy to have a well earned rest? A day at the spa perhaps, a spot of shopping, or time to start tackling the clutter? Maybe, but not in this lifetime. Instead this week I’m getting my feet straight back under my desk with a three week stint of copywriting. I’m really excited about working for long stretches instead of a few hours here and there. I got a desk at the weekend; demarking some proper work space, no more kitchen table for me. But as I sit typing and sipping a Chai Tea Latte at Liverpool Street station before my meeting, I wish I was closer to home on their first full day; just in case something goes wrong and I’m needed. But at the same time I know I need to get real; they’re in good hands and there’s every chance I won’t be needed. Not until 3:25pm anyway.


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