There is life after peanut butter

Thanks to all the replies on FB with some great lunchbox ideas. I’ll put the suggestions in a future post. I came up with a cunning plan of my own this week to avoid making sandwiches: the twinlings are doing it themselves! I’d pictured an industrious scene, me making dinner, the twinlings diligently buttering and spreading; a production line working in perfect harmony.

On the first night Pickle seemed to share my vision, quietly absorbed in daubing slices of bread to his usual levels of perfection; equal amounts all over, no bread left peaking through – leaving me to concentrate on dinner, right? Wrong. Ladybird’s take on sandwich making involved either surreptitiously shovelling massive lumps of butter into her mouth or pinching out pieces of the bread, leaving a threadbare slice for her sandwich. I found myself darting backwards and forwards between chopping vegetables to thin out butter, move the tub out of reach and then rescue the butter lid from being pincered in between Ladybird’s feet.

Ladybird makes lunch

'I'll wait until she's taken the picture and then scoff this tasty looking lump'

Pickle at work

'Here is my signature dish - humus sandwiches'

Things have got better since, I think because I’ve accepted the gain might be more long term. But Pickle, whose usual interest in cooking extends to eating raw egg and flour when baking, actually came and ASKED ME if he could make his sandwiches, which was great to see, maybe he has more potential in the kitchen than I thought, or maybe he’s enjoying his humus aperitif.

I was really nervous about them going into the noisy school hall for lunch for the first time this week and then fending for themselves in the mayhem of the playground afterwards. I’ve found it intimidating enough negotiating my way through the hurly-burly to collect the scooters; the tumultuous din, green jumpers buzzing up and down and the menacing sound of footballs slapping the tarmac. I can’t get out of there quick enough. The twinlings, who normally retreat from anything too noisy, seem OK with it, none of the usual hands clasped to their ears. I’m left wondering if it’s just another case of children never doing what we expect of them, that I’m looking at it through my eyes, expecting the same reaction from them.

One thing didn’t disappoint, and that’s the before and after of the lunch boxes:

Now they look lovely

Now they look lovely


Now they don't (without smell-ernet you don't get the full humus effect)

I think I’d prefer this mess though than the pristine, unopened sandwiches I got back today, Pickle’s explanation ‘I was too tired.’ Hmm, not too tired for the fruit pouch or muesli bar though….


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