Peanut Butter

Can anyone help me with some ideas for  pack lunches? Pickle is for once easy on the food front; he loves humus and cheese sandwiches, and although he’s fussy he’ll be happy with the monotonous rotation of these two fillings. Ladybird, on the other hand, has narrowed her sandwich fillings down to peanut butter, a no-no at school because of nut allergy sufferers.

So I’ve spent the week experimenting with previously rejected fillings: tuna mayo, BLT, Ham and egg mayo with verdicts delivered as: ‘Delicious.’ Munch, munch. ‘Actually mummy, really not nice at all. Can I have peanut butter now please?’

So from Monday the twinlings start lunches. I just know the daily rummage through the freezer and fridge for ice packs, sandwiches and yoghurts is going to mess up our ‘pinch myself they’re so smooth’ mornings; but it’s the thinking up of what delights to put in those lunch boxes that is really challenging me at the moment.

And then of course I know how it’s going to end up; all that thought, effort and organisation returned to me in a congealed, yoghurty mess with a shrew’s bite taken from each of the sandwiches.

So yes, you’re no doubt picking up on the fact I’m decidedly recalcitrant towards this aspect of school life. If you have any tips to inspire the ten lunch boxes I need to fill next week I’d love to hear them.



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